About Me

My name is Susan and I watch a lot of movies, mostly of the Horror/Sci-fi genre. Now that I’m able to satisfy my almost insatiable craving for these types of movies through Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix, I’ve run across a problem – I’ve seen so many that they’re starting to run together!

I started this blog mainly to keep a record for myself of what I’ve seen. And who knows, maybe others will find it helpful as well. I chose the name “Garden Gnomes of Terror” because it perfectly captures the caliber of movie that I’d watch, and that you’ll find here.

Most of the movies I review will be from Amazon Prime and Hulu, with the occasional offering from Netflix. Since these are mainly straight-to-video releases, quality will vary. As such, my ratings and reviews will be done on a curve. The main thing I want a movie to do is entertain me. I don’t consider myself a “horror buff”, I don’t know nor care about the bona fides of the director, their individual styles, blah blah blah. All I want is a good story.

I am also an author, and my blog with links to my books can be found here: Susan-Alia Terry.