It Lives in the Attic – 2 gnomes

It Lives in the Attic (2016), 1 hr 25 min, Thriller 

“The lives of several people take a terrifying turn after discovering the attic in an old house with a mysterious past.”

Anthology of stories: slasher killer, kidnapper, dissatisfied wife… The description of this movie sold me a premise that did not live up to it’s promise.

I hated this movie for an hour and eighteen minutes.  Note: The run time is an hour and twenty five minutes.

It’s not that it got better after the 1 hr 18 min mark, it’s just that it went from entirely nonsensical to just poorly executed.  By then I understood what the filmmakers were going for; it was just so badly written that it didn’t succeed. The main problem was that it wasn’t told in linear time. Only filmmakers with strong skills should attempt storytelling this way because of the potential to end up with a disjointed mess like this movie. The dialogue was clunky and overly expositional. The acting was stiff because, who talks like that?

2 gnomes because they managed to turn the ship away from shore in the last 7 minutes. View at your own risk.

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