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They’re Watching (2016), 1 hr 35 min, Comedy, Horror, Thriller

“The renovation of an old house in a village somewhere in Eastern Europe will bring the crew of an American home improvement TV show, up against superstitions, misunderstandings and bloody violence.”

Shot in the found footage style, a Home Improvement show follows along as an American woman buys a dilapidated old house in the country somewhere in Eastern Europe. Six months after the purchase, the crew returns on a follow-up visit. The house was so bad that they expected her to be sitting in the middle of a mess, crying because she’s in over her head. But before they re-visit the subject of their show, they spend time in the neighboring village, which is (surprise surprise) filled with superstitious villagers. And boy are they a creepy bunch! The American crew sees things they’re not supposed to see and manages to ruffle a lot of feathers. The clueless-and-stupid-American trope is strong here. Eventually, they leave the village to do what they came to do and find the house beautifully restored and the American lady very happy and content in her new home.

The bodies don’t start piling up until much later in the movie. After another foray to the village and more feather ruffling, they return to the nice secluded house for some good old fashioned slaughter. The villagers have run amok! But why?

I almost didn’t watch this because of the “comedy” tag, but I took the chance and was very glad I did. I can see why it was labeled a comedy, but I didn’t find it particularly funny — parts were amusing, but overall there was little funny about the movie. That being said, it was fun! The clues are there, and the ultimate reveal is satisfying and worth it. I would not only see this movie again, but I’d buy it. Must see!

You can see it on Netflix and it’s available on Amazon here: They’re Watching

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